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Every business need the right marketing strategy to meet its investment goal. At Sendfix Digitals, we make sure your digital marketing investment achieve its set out goals and objectives. Our seasoned team of experts keeps evolving to tell the story of your business to the right audience.

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Our Process
Our Specialty
  • We Listen to you
  • We analyze your business
  • We do competitive analysis
  • We determine which marketing fits your business
  • We deploy your campaign
  • We send you reports

Are you a business owner, celeb or upcoming artist? With our Social Media Marketing, we will help to Brand/Rebrand your platforms and provide relevancy.

This is a big way to grow and engage your audiences on social media platforms as well as redirect them to your website to generate traffic when you have an event or want to boost online presence.

Our expertise covers various social platforms. Amongst them are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and youtube.

Paid Search Advertising is one of the excellent ways to get your product to the top of Google's search result.

Your product being at the top of google search is an effective way to drive traffic to your sites. All it takes is for you to have a budget, relevant keywords and landing pages to use on search platforms which Sendfix specialists will be handling for you.


Display advertising is a cheap method to advertise your brand to a relatively large potential audience. It is an important element in digital marketing for creating brand awareness and getting direct response.

You only need to submit the image, video or text of advert and we determine where your display marketing will fit into and seek the placement that will generate the best engagement and conversions.

Video marketing is the next big thing in digital marketing. It helps in creating brand awareness and sales oriented.

Statistics show that every day, millions of users spend time online watching videos. We leverage this opportunity to capture potential customers as much as we can.

Email marketing connects you directly to your clients’ and provides you with the opportunity to intimate your clients with the new products you are offering. Over the years we have developed services that ensure your clients and prospective clients meets expected results.